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TetouanWeb - Frequently Asked Questions

TetouanWeb - Frequently asked questions

What is TetouanWeb?

TetouanWeb is a blog & how-to website where you’ll find Blogging and WordPress related reviews, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Blogspot, Make Money Online, Various Tips on Webhosting how-to guides, and video tutorials. And we regularly discover interesting things online that you never knew before.

Who is the author of the website?

The site is written by Dibyajyoti Bordoloi. He is an expert in topics like WordPress, Webhosting, SEO, online course creation, webinars, social media marketing, list building and making money online. He is one of the few skilled bloggers within the world. He is additionally a proud owner of many tiny and medium scale businesses.

How do I subscribe to TetouanWeb?

We have a daily email news report that's sent each weekday that includes prime stories of the day. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Youtube.

I need some help or have a question. How do I contact you?

Please post your question on our support mail service and we’ll try to find a solution. You can send an email at support@tetouanweb.com

Can we hire you?

Will you review my product?

We love checking out new stuff especially ebooks, domain, Webhosting, plugins, social media marketing, and SEO. Send an email to request product reviews though we obviously cannot cover everything that’s out there. We always honor embargoes and NDAs.

Do you accept guest posts?

Sorry, but we do not publish guest posts on TetouanWeb.

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Can I reprint your article on my journal or in a print media/magazine or newspaper?

The short answer is no. Plagiarism is evil and that we could generally file a DMCA grievance against websites or blogs that republish our content lawlessly.

What is your business model?

We have partnered with various advertising programs including Google AdSense, BlogAds, BuySellAds, eBooks and other affiliate programs. These programs facilitate bring advertisers to the web site and they are the major supply of revenue.

Where does the word "TetouanWeb" come from?

The word “TetouanWeb” doesn’t have any specific meaning but as it is unique, the original idea was that any mention of the word “TetouanWeb” on the web would be related to this blog where we whisper digitally.

I want to join TetouanWeb. Are you hiring?

TetouanWeb is a one-man team at this time but if you are a talented tech geek/developer and have excellent command over English, send us some of your writing samples or links to your previously published work. Write a touch bit regarding your background, a listing of topics that you just wish to hide and how usually you can able to contribute to the web site.

We are looking for original and well-written articles on topics related to WordPress, Webhosting, digital marketing, SEO, blogging, e-course, and gadgets that are useful for online entrepreneurs & bloggers. You can also contribute video tutorials, hacks and in-depth reviews of new software applications that make people feel more productive.