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Hey !! My name is Dibyajyoti Bordoloi and I am OBSESSED with teaching digital entrepreneurs and bloggers how to make their passions profitable.

I am the mind behind TetouanWeb. I am a really simple guy who loves to simplify complex stuff.

TetouanWeb and The Person Behind It


I recognize the endless frustrations that people face every day on the blog and website. My mission is to make you and the rest of the Community of Bloggers a happier and more productive bunch. TetouanWeb is part of a movement to liberate every human being from the 9 to 5 job. My motivation is to keep you happy and help you succeed in your blogging career.

If you have never blogged before don’t mistake it with just another thing. 

I created my first website in 2013 and turned pro in 2017. I have over 6 years’ experience not only building websites but teaching non-coder graphic designers like yourself how to do it the right way.

I started blogging out of my passions for learning and sharing.  In 2013, I got to know about blogs & I started my first blog named “Finamall” in 2013 which was a finance blog on the Blogspot platform. It was a trial blog on the Blogspot platform and I had to close it in 2014. Then I started another blog WPWhisper.I started me another dream blog SarkariJobTimes and TetouanWeb.  And it took me about four long years from then to start TetouanWeb and turned pro in 2017.  

I completed my primary education at Sankardev Sishu Niketan, Tezpur. I received my bachelor's degree from Guwahati University, Assam(India).

After graduation I was jobless and I started a poultry farm (Broiler Farm) in the backyard of my house. Starting my own business for the first time in my life was a beautiful adventure. It was an awesome feeling to become an independent guy. But poultry farming often left me feeling under-utilized, creatively stifled and underpaid. I was isolated, I was alone and truly, I was miserable.

Since then, my poultry business was closed up shop because I’ve moved on to online education – teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow their own business.

So, with the previous experience of blogging, I started my other blog TetouanWeb in hopes of starting an online community. With the blessings of soft-hearted people like you, my new blog is growing steadily.

 I really love to work online. It’s my passion and I really enjoy it. Blogging has given me so much more than money. I currently live a free lifestyle where I travel and blog from anywhere and everywhere.

For sharing my favorite things with the world, I found blogging to be a great medium. Initially, I started writing random stuff, however, in a while, I discovered the way to create cash blogging.

I discovered “The Way” to become my very own boss through the facility of the web. This was when I started sharing those things that worked for me.

That’s how TetouanWeb was born.

My job isn’t done until you’re happy. I am responsible for the overall vision and direction of  TetouanWeb. I ensure that TetouanWeb is built on a solid foundation. I focus on quality content as well as other aspects of blogging and help readers in various other areas as needed.

If you mix your hard work with smart work, you can make a living with your blog; this is what TetouanWeb.com is all about.

The purpose of the site is to help you take maximum advantage of the WordPress tools and plugins, SEO, digital marketing and web technologies at your disposal.


Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re full of an entrepreneurial spirit, damn good ideas, and a positive mindset.

But maybe you…

  • Feel isolated. You wish a lot of folks might relate to what you’re attempting to try to to.

  • Have no clue what reasonably product to form or the way to promote it.

  • Need facilitate growing your list and attracting an engaged tribe of raving fans.


Here is what you will find on TetouanWeb:

  • Practical tips to starting and managing a blog, raise and earn money from your blog, WordPress, social media, and SEO.

  • Online marketing tips for entrepreneurs, businesses or start-ups.

  • Complete “How-To” guides of inbound marketing to increase traffic, brand value and traffic.

  • Basic and advanced money-making techniques.

  • This site is not limited to fashion, tech, finance, travel or any kind of blogging. TetouanWeb is appropriate for everyone with any kind of blog or website.

  • A community of like-minded bloggers who hang out and talk about blogging.

  • Exclusive deals & discounts for your blog.


What you will find in the Year 2020:

  • WordPress eBook & Affiliate Marketing Handbook. ( Free and Premium)

  • TetouanWeb Android App and iOS App to learn to blog on the go.

  • Free video guides and tutorials to simplify complex blogging jargon.


Crazy right?

I specialize in topics like WordPress, SEO, online course creation, webinars, social media marketing, list building and making money online.

And now I want to help you to build your own, profitable online business too.


TetouanWeb is an answer to:

  • How can I quit my job and become my own boss?

  • How do you make money online?

  • How to establish yourself offline and online by creating an authority website?


TetouanWeb is where you find new inspiration for your blogging career. 

At TetouanWeb we have a strong set of values. One which is particularly important to us is “care”. Everything we do is because we care. We care about you, your blog health and your online entrepreneurial career. We care about SEO, social media, list building. We strive to meet this value with everything we do. And with your help and feedback, we get better one day at a time!


Before I am going, I need to ask you to hitch my email list community. By signing up (it’s free) you will get access to my Digital Resource Library with 20+ free downloads, like worksheets, ebooks, nifty spreadsheet templets, and more.

You will also get invitations to any free, live workshops I host online ( they are pretty sweet).

And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it…and you.

Our Address:


  • Bordoloi Plaza, NH-15, Dipota. Tezpur, Assam(India), 784150
  • +91 9707597898
  • info@tetouanweb.com