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Twitter Marketing Strategy : The Marketers Guide

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A powerful twitter promoting strategy permits you to succeed in your followers from around the world and alleviate the gap barrier. Twitter may be a nice promoting tool.

Being on twitter isn't enough. you've got to post frequently.

Don't forget, tweets area unit indexed by Google and thus it's additionally helpful in terms of computer program optimization. If you'll become a professional with this fast social networking website, you'll unlock new opportunities to grow your business on-line.

Twitter is one of the hundred most well-liked sites on online in keeping with alexa.com. So, why aren’t you obtaining additional traffic from Twitter? With over 313 million monthly active users and a young demographic in addition, Twitter may be a nice platform for many marketers.

How to produce a Twitter promoting Strategy That Rocks:

Today, I’m attending to teach you ways to induce additional Twitter traffic quick.

There are 2 ways in which you'll get additional Twitter traffic quick.

Let’s re-examine the primary manner just in case you're lucky and you've got plenty of followers.

Share 10 articles every single day:

If you are wondering how many times you should be posting on Twitter, well it’s however much content that you have to post. If you have a lot of article to post once or twice a day, that’s fine.
Also, you can post other statuses, updates, photos, whatever it may be as part of your twitter marketing strategy.

What you can do is, you can tweet 10 times a day. I kid you not. Going from tweeting once a day to 10 times a day like sharing more than 10 articles from your website each and every single day for a whole month and you want to continually do that for a whole year. Even if it’s old content from a year ago, you can keep sharing the same ones over and over again. Just go through all your old blog posts and put them in order. You can queue them up from Buffer, and that way you don’t have to go into Twitter each and every single day and share.

When I was sharing one link from TetouanWeb.org on Twitter each and every single day I receive roughly 749 visitors from twitter in the whole month. When I started tweeting out 10 articles a day on Twitter, I received over 2,100 visitors. That’s a huge increase. As a result, I went from 749 to 2,100.
Most importantly, if you want to have more traffic from Twitter, regularly tweet out. It’s that simple. (Probably the best twitter marketing strategy).

If you don’t have followers, here is a quick trick that you can use:

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Write a blog post on any topic. Make sure it’s amazing and good. It’s through and 2000+ words that someone can read it and it’s actionable. They are learning from it. If you do that, then people are going to be like, “This post is amazing, I won’t mind sharing it.” But that’s not the applicable twitter marketing strategy...

What the trick is, you go to buzzsumo.com. Type in keywords related to the article that you just wrote.  Buzzsumo will short out all the similar articles and they will list out who wrote that and how many social shares it received. You can monitor each and every person who tweeted out that article.

Let’s say I’m writing an article on Google Analytics and how it’s amazing. I may go to Buzzsumo, type in terms related to online marketing, and see who else has written topics related to Google Analytics.

There is an article that you could see from TechCrunch. It’s on “How Google Analytics Screwed Up Marketing.” That article has thousands of social shares. I can write a better article talking about “How Google Analytics Made the Lives Of Marketers Better.” And I can go into depth on how google analytics is amazing. They can even go into depth on things like, how to analyze your Google Analytics’ data to optimize your ROI, especially on any paid marketing campaigns.

Once you click on view shares you see every person who shared that article, you want to hit them up. Go to their Twitter profile, Google and find their email, then you want to shoot them an email like-

Hey Krish,
I noticed that you shared this article by Mahesh from TechCrunch called “How Google Analytics Screwed Up Online Marketing”. I actually have a similar article that’s coming out, but mine discusses how Google Analytics has made the lives of marketers way better. It even talks about how businesses are getting a huge ROI now because they are not wasting money on marketing campaigns that aren’t producing any ROI. I’m covering A, B and C points that They don’t discuss. Let me know if you want to check it out before it goes live.

Cheers – Dibyajyoti.

20% to 30% Success Rate:

That’s it. Send off that one quick email. What you’ll notice is roughly 20% to 30% of the people will reply back saying, “Sure, I would love to see your article.”
Once they reply and you want to email them back –

Hey Krish, here is the article. ( Insert Link )

Cheers! Dibyajyoti.

What you will notice is a lot of people that you email that too will share your article out.
As a result, using those two tactics will get you more twitter traffic.

Thanks for reading.