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Guide to Pick Professional SEO Services Today

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Without proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place, any other money or effort you put on your website is as good as wasted. The solutions we suggest you are optimized to help you get the most from your SEO investments. Before you pick professional SEO services today, you must be aware of certain facts.

How to Choose Reliable Professional SEO Services?

If you are currently in the process of selecting an SEO company or agency this article is going to be very beneficial for you. Because I’m going to show you: the two major mistakes that are being made while picking professional SEO services. So just stick with this article for a few moments and keep reading.

Guide to Pick Professional SEO Services Today

Well, the first most common mistake business owners make when picking an SEO company is that most of them only focus on rankings and traffic but not on keywords. Now don’t get me wrong. Rankings and traffic are really really great but if this traffic just doesn’t convert into actual dollars. It doesn’t really matter and being a business owner your main goal obviously is to increase your revenue, right?

Tips for Choosing Your Next Professional SEO Services:

So the first step towards this goal is to pick the right keywords. Keyword research is by far the most important part of any SEO campaign. If you pick the wrong keywords the whole campaign will fail. And this is really a major issue with a lot of SEO agencies and SEO companies out there. Because most of them just don’t even bother with picking the right keywords. They usually just ask their clients which terms they want to rank for. Naturally, clients just don’t know how to pick the right keyword. Now I would say it’s not even their business. Because that’s why they pay the agency.

Now let’s take a look at what can happen when you pick the wrong keywords. One problem with picking the wrong keywords could be that you pick a phrase with a very little monthly search volume and the search volume of a phrase obviously determines the amount of traffic. It will send to your website once you rank for it. In the best case, you can assume that you will be able to drive 40 to 50 percent of the monthly search volume of a phrase as traffic to your website. So if you pick a phrase, for example, with a monthly search volume of 50 searches you might be able to drive 25 visitors to your website in the best case. And this is less than one visitor per day. In my opinion, these phrases are not even worth the effort in order to rank your site.

Another problem with picking the wrong keyword could be that depending on the goal of your SEO campaign and depend on your business of course. It might be wise to pick buying keywords rather than research keywords. Research keywords usually have a much higher search volume than buying keywords do, but on the other hand, buying keywords will convert much easier into actual buyers and dollars on your website and research keywords do so. Just keep that in mind that there are research keywords and that there are buying keywords. Buying keywords or phrases that people type into the search engines who have already made the buying decision.

Another problem with picking the wrong keywords can be that you’re picking your phrase which is far too competitive. Now let me clarify one thing real quick. Theoretically, you can rank for any term you want to on the search engines. It’s just a matter of your budget and the time you want to invest.

For example, if you want to rank for a term like car insurance you can certainly do that. But just consider that there are a lot of huge players in this marketplace. They are already spending a huge monthly budget for years just in order to rank for a term like this. Just ask yourself if you really need to rank for terms like this. Because maybe after doing a little bit of professional keyword research you might find some phrases that are way less competitive. That is also highly related to your products and services that you’re selling and well which will allow you to increase your revenue much faster than spending a huge budget and waiting a long time until you rank for a very competitive term. With that being said you are now well aware of how important keyword research really is for any SEO campaign.

I would suggest that you just ask the SEO agencies that you are dealing with what keywords they would suggest in order to rank your site for. Most importantly also ask them why they would suggest these keywords they have picked. If their answer sounds good to you then stick with these keywords.

The second most common mistake business owners make when picking an SEO company is making the price, the monthly cost of SEO their top criteria for picking the agency. Well, I’m quite sure that if you do some research on the internet you will be able to find agencies. They offer their services as little as $99 a month or even less. But honestly, what would you expect from a service like this. Well, I leave the answer up to you.

One role of a professional SEO is to analyze channels that make up your business's content funnel to identify where visitors that are most likely to convert are entering your website.

Professional SEO companies offer professional SEO services in addition to its core link building services, including:

SEO consulting services

SEO auditing services

Content creation services

Keyword research services.

These expanded range of SEO services help clients create comprehensive SEO strategies fully integrated with their marketing and business goals.

If you are really serious about professional SEO services you need to be aware of two important facts:

Professional SEO Services

Fact number one: If you want to do SEO you need to do it in the long run. SEO doesn’t work for paid traffic. You get traffic as long as you pay and you don’t get traffic if you don't pay. SEO is a little bit different. SEO takes a little time until you get to the top of the search engines. Once you got there you need to continue doing SEO. Otherwise, you would drop in the rankings and that’s obviously not what you want to achieve. So you need to be aware of the fact that if you commit to SEO you need to commit in the long run.

Fact number two: The money that you are going to pay the agency is not only for the actual work the agency does. One thing they need to do in order to rank your website is they need to build backlinks on other websites pointing to your site. And the sites they are building these links on a need to be relevant to your website. They also need to carry some authority in the eyes of Google. These links have to be purchased. These links can cost up to $300 or even more per month. Depending on the competitiveness of the search terms you want to rank for. The more of these links they will need to purchase in order to push your site to the top of the search engines. I just want you to be aware of this fact.

So I hope all of this was very valuable to you and that you really enjoyed reading this content. You are also welcome to leave a comment below this content to share your thoughts about professional SEO services offered by professional SEO companies.