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The Most Important Personality Traits Of Highly Effective Bloggers

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Personality Traits Of a Great Blogger

Personality Traits Of Highly Effective Bloggers

There is no secret that successful bloggers do things differently. Their personality traits give them a competitive advantage and assist them in overcoming adversity. See if you possess these qualities. Because it is the key to successful blogging. What is most important, the personality of bloggers is directly projected to their blogs.

Blogging industry has definitely matured from what it was about 9-10 years back. People didn’t even know what was a blog at that time. Seriously, I mean very few people knew about it. But now, mainstream media has started covering. Because a lot of stories today are actually broken by the blogging sites and bloggers go and talk to people. We get insights, we put it and these are picked up by mainstream media. So, Blogging has come mainstream, it has gone mainstream which was not the case for 9-10 years back.

The second thing is, which is an inherent thing for India, the internet has grown. In 2007, there were 20 million-odd people on the internet. The number of Internet users stood at 481 million in December 2017, an increase of 11.34% over December 2016 whatever the recent count is.
The following statistic gives information on the total number of internet users worldwide from 2005 - 2019.

Number of internet users worldwide from 2005 - 2019 June (in millions)

Number of internet users worldwide

Internet users on June 30, 2019: 4,536,248,808

Because we are growing very fast. So, traffic has also increased. People now understand what blogging is and there is a lot of Indians especially younger ones have started knowing that. Yes, there is a way that a person can earn from a blog. And that’s why a lot of people are starting, although very few are getting successful, a lot of them are starting. So, Yes!

So, what does it take to earn a living as a blogger? Can graduates passing out from the college take blogging as a career option in today’s date?

Sure! But at the same time, the reason should be right. I guess a lot of bloggers are only about SEO. So, they want to write content which they think is very SEO friendly. It gives them instant money which is like a pocket money business. It doesn’t sustain for very long. Right!

What you need is people who bring in a certain perspective, who can bring in a lot of curation of content, who can bring in a great perspective about things which are not so obvious to others. The focus should be more on the audience and less on SEO or Adsense which I think is what a lot of people tend to focus on. Because I think it’s a very short-term thing. It also affects your personality traits in the long run which in turn reduces the future growth of your blog or website.

Blogging is essentially a way to build an audience. Mainstream media will never build an audience. Honestly, they do not give a damn about it! Bloggers have the potential to bring a certain audience. For example, you are known to a certain audience. A lot of us need to understand the audience. You know, once you do it for the audience then, you’ll see money coming in. But, you want to do it because it’s easy money, I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

I’ll tell you, just some statistics. This must be a year-old statistic. Out of 100 blogs started, about 60 are make-money-online blogs, about 15-20 are tech blogs, and only about 10 or 15, go into say finance or someone doing something and the other point is 90% of them are just rehashing the content. I think that is the key. Everyone is just looking at this, writing in his own words, just rehashing it. You need to bring in your own perspective.

How blogging differs from mainstream media is, mainstream media articles are indifferent to their audiences, bloggers are not. When one person comments, a blogger is going to reply to it. Reader comment on Facebook about, Dibyajyoti has written like this & I do not agree. I will go there and you know, try to clarify and try to tell him what is my point of view. We will take the discussion forward. I think it’s a community. It’s an audience that you are nurturing and growing. That is what lacks & I think out of 100 blogs started about 3 or 4 people who really do it.

In India, we need to put that ecosystem. An ecosystem where people create communities. They communicate with each other. They talk about what they are writing. That is what needs to be done.

Personality traits: What are the basic skillsets a person needs to become a blogger?

What’s the systematic approach?

Personality Traits

The biggest personality trait to become a successful blogger is to have patience. I am telling you it is not an overnight,  make-money game! It is not. If you approach it that in 3 months, I’m going to start to make a living out of it, it is not going to be possible.

But, over a period of time, if you’re patient, and you can really be patient and move forward month on month, a day on day and week on week one year down the line, you will start making really good money. Which you will not in other forms. You do a job, you may get a raise of 10%. Here you will go from 0 to 100 probably in 1.5 years. In fact, your journal is kind of presumably one among the simplest hubs of passive financial gain generation, and if done the correct means, it will attract the correct shoppers and customers despite what trade or niche you would possibly be in. But that 1.5 years, first, very few survive.

Read As Much As You Can :

It is a function of what you’re reading. Bloggers need to really be those guys who can read things. You know, really do reading comprehension what you do for competitive exams or professional exams,  but really do it very well. Because, once you start reading, you will develop a perspective on things; what your interest areas are, what you really want to do in life.

A Blog is all about passion. What do you feel opinionated about? If you generally want to write something because there’s a Google keyword that is hot, it will never survive. But if you do it because you have a passion for it, you are opinionated about it. I think Opinion blogs always work. People love to have opinions on things when it is driven by insights or perspectives, right!  It happens when you read a lot.

When you read a lot when you are observing a lot of things. Even if it’s gadgets...right! There is not a single blog that reviews gadgets after 6 months. You see the real gadget when you use it for six months you know what’s working & what’s not working. There is a space to do that. Why is nobody doing it? Because the google keyword pretty much tells you that within the first 3 months or 2 months is when the keyword is going to be important for you to be on the first page.

So, the first thing is to block Google for one year. Stop focussing on Google & write for the audience. Once you start writing it, you enjoy it. You have to really cater to the audience. What they want you to have to keep asking that again and again.

There’s a comfort zone of bloggers. Once you’re in there you’re like Ya, I can do, say 1 billion traffic, I can make money, & that’s it! My life is settled. Consumers today, the numbers have grown…so have the options. Mainstream media has picked up very fast. Devices have changed. Today also, so many bloggers still cater to the desktop audience. Very few of them have apps and responsive sites. So, I think a lot of those things will play a very important differentiator in the next few years. But everything is about the audience.

What are the challenges of blogging and how to overcome those challenges to improve your personality traits?

Personality Traits Of Highly Effective Bloggers

Working from home has its own challenges. You’ll get caught up in the comfort zone of your house itself. So, move out of that. Take up some working area, some working space pay for your…may be 3 - 3.5K. But only when you know that this is what you really want to do for the next 3-4 years.
And see… A person who’s got discipline can do it. I’m not saying that a person cannot work from home. If he has a place which is dedicated to him & he has a very clear this thing that in the morning I’m going to go to that place like I go to my office, not in pajamas and his vest & just go there and sit & then come and do everything else that you do at home. No! That’s not how it’s going to work! If a person is disciplined, he can work from home, which 90% are not.


Your Workplace :

So, generally, the suggestion is just to take a place, share it with a friend of yours and have an office, sit there, take a workbench & work for 9-10 hours specifically, only on your blog. Otherwise, you will not be able to concentrate, you will not be able to focus & that passion will go away. Once you work from home, that passion tends to subside after some time. Because you just get too comfortable & you don’t push yourself. It’s the same thing happening every day.

Whenever you can, you can actually go out & work from a different environment than you do regularly & you will see that your creative juices start flowing, more than what they normally do! Even though, you may have a great office, try to spend almost  2 or 3 days a week in a coffee shop or library or sit on a park bench and work from there. I believe it’s beautiful because it gives you new ideas! The personality traits of a true blogger will start to flowing. The thing is you have to try something new. It’s all about adding more value to yourself first, then to your readers.


It’s not just content:

The content you write is definitely the most important part. Without perpetually adding unsatiated content, any journal will disappear.  But at the same time, you got to have a good and interesting writing style to really attract an audience. You just can not say this is how I write, this my site and that’s how it will be. Good writing is a gift that comes naturally to some of us but if you have been to be another half please get some good books. There is the element of style, there on writing by Stephen king there is on writing well and also it should …..


Use Proper Editor For Drafting :

Write the draft to the proper editor. You could use Microsoft word or Poetica or you could also use Grammarly extension because these will highlight all the typos and grammatical errors in your writing. You don’t want them to appear on the main site because that will convey a really bad impression.

Grammarly is a free grammar/spelling correction tool. It's a good tool, to be honest. I am using Grammarly for the past few months and I got good results. It is a productivity tool for me. I use it almost every time I write something.  Grammarly has both a free and premium plan. My suggestion is to use the free plan first. If you started to love this tool and feel satisfied with their performance then you could upgrade to a premium version like I did.  It is the best weapon to kill all the grammar Nazis.


My Style Guide Recommendation For You:

I would also recommend getting a style guide something like the New York Times style guide or the associated press stylebook because they will help you to develop a consistent writing style. These style guides have accepted writing rules for journalism and there is no reason why you can not apply those rules to your own style of writing.


Two Very Important Messages For You :

I have 2  very important messages and I tell everyone who asks me, what should I do… I’ve just started a blog.

Firstly, I tell them, first ask yourself what are you passionate about? What do you want to do? & if you are passionate about something (about a particular subject I am talking about) don’t just create a make-money-online, SEO or WordPress blog because someone else is doing & he is making money. Do not do that! I think if the point is, See if you are good at art, you are a creative guy, write about that. Do not think about how much traffic I’m going to get, whether people search for this online. Do not think about that. You can only be successful if you’re passionate about the subject you’re writing about. So, I think that is one of the most important points I would like to tell bloggers. Do not just start making money online. Please do not do that!

Second thing, Good content and your own content. Fresh content always wins! That means if you come up with a perspective, whether it is right, wrong, controversial, do not worry about it! You have to have a point of view of something! When you write about something, whatever it is just put it out there! Do not write because someone else has written & I’m writing this & just rehashing it. Do not do that!

I think these are two points, which in my view are very important for all the new bloggers and experts to understand. Follow your passion and improve your personality traits guys! Do what your heart says! The money would eventually follow! With the career perspective, then take a business systematic approach, Treat it like business & let it grow along with your personality traits.

If you plan to be a popular and successful blogger, make sure you possess these qualities. It would be very helpful for you in your online entrepreneurial journey.

Best of luck!

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