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How to reduce bounce rate

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Way to cut back the bounce rate: How to reduce bounce rate?

One issue that Google looks at once it involves determinative if they ought to rank your web site higher or lower is bounce rates.

The bounce rate is that the proportion of all users who enter and exit on identical page, with no clicks to different pages on your web site. once a user visits your web site on any page and leaves while not visiting different pages on identical domain, that is a bounce. That’s what percentage folks move to your web site and simply bounce right off. If they're going away quickly, meaning they're not finding what they're trying to find.

A high bounce might mean you do not have a tasty, well-organized landing page. you may not have a landing page in any respect making CTA confusion on your main home page.

Today I’m gonna teach you how to reduce bounce rate.

how to reduce bounce rate

1. Show Your Product or Content First:

The first thing you need to do is to show your product or content first. If people are coming to your site because you’re an e-commerce product, make sure you showcase your products. If they are coming to your site because you are a service-oriented or informational site, make sure you showcase the text first.

I accustomed to do it wrong, my blog, I'd showcase my opt-ins, so you'd scroll down below the fold before you bought to the content,

but you recognize what happened, my bounce rate was high.

The moment I removed these opt-ins and these ads above the fold, and I showcased the product or the content first, my bounce rate went down.


2. Text Size Matters:

Make sure your text size is giant enough. What I’ve found is once your text size is actually tiny it will increase your bounce rates. hard for individuals to scan, particularly if they're on mobile devices.

Number three: build your sites terribly minimalistic. If you visit my web site, you may notice that I actually have method an excessive amount of stuff occurring. Over the years I actually have reduced it, however, I still have to be compelled to do a higher job of obtaining rid of any of my sidebar components. I did a check wherever I simply showcased the content before the blog post, and that we try this on the TetouanWeb blog. therefore if you visit TetouanWeb.org and look at a number of the journal posts, you may notice that we tend to simply showcase the content.


3. Give Them What They Want First:

Why do we do this? Because it’s decreased the bounce rate versus having big sidebars, with all these calls to actions, just giving readers or visitors what they want first is a great way to decrease the bounce rate.


4. Cross-Link:

The next thing is you need to do is cross-link. The moment you link within your content to other pages of your website, you will notice that people will start spending their time going throughout your whole site versus just bouncing off that page.


5. Always Add Images:

After that, ensure you add pictures. pictures are visually appealing, it keeps folks there. the pictures might be an image or it might be a video, or it might be an audio file. In essence, it’s another form of content that’s not text-based, that keeps folks engaged, that’ll decrease your bounce rate.

If you are doing those things, folks can stick on your web site longer. it'll assist you to scale back the bounce rate and you'll rank higher in Google over time.