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Facebook Page vs Group For Blogs

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If you’re trying to build a business and you are wondering do I need a Facebook page and or do I need a Facebook group. What the heck is the difference between facebook page vs group?

Facebook Page vs Group

This article is going to explain the differences between a Facebook page vs Group. I’m going to also share with you how I use my facebook page with my Facebook group to keep my online business rocking and rolling.

So if you are building a business I don’t care. If it’s in network marketing, a small local business, you’re an entrepreneur or you’re an author or you’re a coach whatever it is, you should be using Facebook.

Probably you already know that if you’re here on this content. So I’m gonna give you steps and suggestions that I have on what to do with your Facebook page and then how do they work together with a Facebook group. Facebook groups are very popular these days. I get a lot of people to ask me Dibyajyoti, do I need to have both; can I just have a Facebook group or do I need to have a Facebook group? What is a Facebook page?

How To Use Facebook Page With Facebook Group:

I get all these questions. So I thought this content should be super spectacular. Because I can just show you how I use my Facebook page with my Facebook group and how to keep it really simple with getting you maximum results in your business.

Step # 1:  You will have to commit that Facebook is going to be a business building strategy for your business. So for me, I know that there’s a lot of social media out there. There is Instagram, Snapchat, Instastories, Twitter, there are all sorts of things right!

For me, I like to keep it simple. I use Facebook, Twitter on my blog. It’s kind of like the three things that I use. But I committed a while ago that I was going to use Facebook and Twitter.  The reason for that is everyone is on Facebook. The first world of business is location, location and location go where all the people are. So that’s why I use Facebook. It’s one of my main marketing strategies to bring people to my brand and bring people to my business.

So if you are wanting to do a Facebook group strategy or use your Facebook page which you should, you have to commit that that is going to be one of your main strategies. Because what you put in as far as effort goes is what is going to come out and pay you the big bucks.

Step # 2: You have to make sure that your strategy is congruent. Also, the flow really works with your audience. You need to be congruent with everything that you go to your page and your group. If you have a health and wellness product you want to make sure that you are entertaining a health and wellness type audience. You want to do that through your page in your group.

I’m going to give you some examples in a minute. But you have to be really congruent with your messaging and then with your audience. That way it’ll make sense when you deliver your offer. Because you don’t just want to have a Facebook page or group for a popularity contest. You want to have something that works to deliver your business and to bring you to new customers and teammates right!

Step # 3: You want to use your Facebook page with your Facebook group okay! So if you’re out there and you just have a Facebook group you need to have a page as well. And here is why?

You are going to move people from your page to your group. There are many things that you can’t do yet on Facebook by just having a group. If you want people to find you so that they can get to your group on facebook then you have to have your facebook page as your first point of contact.

I’ll share with you some reasons why that’s important. But you want to think of your Facebook page as being your fishing line out in the water. It is because to find the people, find the fish, find the prospects. Once you catch the prospects then you move them from your page to your group.

Facebook Page vs Group: Why You Want To Have Both Facebook Page and Facebook Group Working Together?

Facebook Page vs Group

Now, why would you have a group to do that why don’t you just operate everything through your page. Well, the reason for that is because you can cultivate a much better-engaged audience inside of a Facebook group. There is no doubt about it.

If you have seen a lot of Facebook groups then you know how much more engaged a group can be versus a page. So you want to cultivate the audience and the community through your group. But you want to find the people to do that and move them over to the group on your Facebook page.

Now there’s a lot of reasons why I’m gonna explain why you want to have both working together.

How to get them to both workings together and how I do it in my business as well.

Your Facebook page is going to act as your brand platform okay! At least one of your brand platforms. Now, this is where people can find you on your facebook page. It’s going to help position you as a credible authority and credible figure that people pay attention to when you post and when you do videos. It’s just gonna position you as the authority. You want that if you want people to listen to you in the group okay!

So your page is gonna do that for you. It’s going to position you properly, it’s going to be out there on Facebook where people can find you. There is even a section in your group setting or on your page settings now that you can associate your group with your page. Your group will get advertised on your page for free. It’s kind of just linked there. It gets exposure and people can see that that’s your group and they can come and join your group.

Also when you do videos and when you do facebook lives, when you do posts you can invite people to come over to your group from your page. When you post those videos on facebook on your page they will get out to all of Facebook depending organically or paid it doesn’t matter.

But when you do a Facebook live on your page it's going to out to all of Facebook. When you do a video or a post on your group it only goes out to the groups. You’re very limited there. So you want to use your page as the promotion piece that brings people over into the group as the kind of incubator where you build that community. You add tips and value. You make recommendations and suggestions for people in the group to buy your product, service or join your business, however, you have that setup.

If you are just operating inside of your group, you can’t. When you post a video or when you do a post in your group not everybody is going to see it. Nobody outside the group is gonna see it. And you want to bring people into the group right!

So you want to make sure that you’re operating on your facebook page. Because if you operate from your facebook page as your promotion piece, you are gonna do your videos, the posts all that. You have a call to action that says "hey, come and join our private community here on Facebook. It’s my free facebook group". Then in there, you’re going to invite them and maybe divulge more you top secret tips and strategies.

Maybe some stuff that you don’t post anywhere else but you are going to cultivate your audience in there. And then have called to action in your group towards your recommendations or suggestions when it comes to your products, services or business.

When you have a Facebook page you can do advertising if you want to do paid advertising on Facebook. You can do paid advertising on your posts or on your videos that you post on your page. But you can’t do that from a group yet.

So if you want to get out there and be visible to everybody to get people into your world, you have to do that from your facebook page. From your Facebook page, you invite people into your group. So don’t just want to have a group. Because you’re not gonna get the same exposure from just having a facebook group.

Now, in every post, I like to equip you with a powerful resource. You can use that in your business and you can start seeing results with. So today since we’re talking about groups and cultivating that community, you obviously want to have a powerful and profitable group right! You don’t just want to have a group of all these like raving fans. You want those people to turn into buyers right! Or customers or teammates whatever it is you are doing with your group.
So I place one thing along known as the guide to a profitable facebook community. Currently, I am building our Facebook community for a jiffy.

Since starting our Facebook community in our group we have increased our sales by 20 percent in our business. So I believe that has a lot to do with the things that we post. Also, the engagement that we encourage inside of the group.

So if you have a facebook group or you’re wanting to start a facebook group this guide is going to help you on what to post, when to post and when to turn raving group members into customers and teammates for your business.

This article will give you ideas on what to do inside of your facebook group community to make sure that it is the most profitable community for you in your business. Because you’re not going to be building this community and working for free right! We want you to profit from all of your efforts.

Now if you are sitting there wondering Dibyajyoti, I don’t have a Facebook page and I know I probably need one. So if you don’t have a Facebook business page on Facebook, I’m going to write more content like this. I walk you through making sure that your page is set up right for business building purposes on Facebook. And I also walk you through building your social media sales funnel and promoting it to bring more people into your world to give your business exposure. Then from there, you can invite people into your group if you decide to have a Facebook group.

I see so many people putting groups together on Facebook and there is no rhyme or reason. They are just building these communities and people are all having fun in the groups. But I know as a business owner you want to make money and that has to be profitable for you. So that’s why I wanted to explain the differences between a page and a group.

I hope this really helped you to understand the differences between a Facebook page vs Group, how a Facebook page works for your business and then how your Facebook group should work for your business. Also how to get them working together.

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