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An Introduction to Content Management System (CMS)

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What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Why should you consider using it instead of building everything from scratch?

Well, Content Management System, popularly known as CMS is a type of software. It allows users to create and manage “content” (to create something useful – usually a blog or a website) without having a bunch of technical experience.

These days everyone talks about different CMS platforms. Basically, a CMS is a content management system.

Content Management System

What does Content Management System or CMS mean?

Let’s say that you want to start a blog or just the website. You want to showcase your products or your services. One way to go about it is of course building everything from scratch using HTML and CSS or JavaScript. Also building the database, building all the administration player kinds of interfaces. You can just log in and update the information on your website. Of course, it’s obvious why we need an admin panel because random users and visitors wouldn’t be able to mess with the data on the website and they change it. So that’s one reason that you need an admin platform so only authorized people can go ahead and edit it.

Another reason would be, of course, you can set up a website if you are a software engineer or web developer. But that website wouldn’t be really easy to use to the general public. So if you are building for someone who is not familiar with technology as you are, you better use a proven CMS. Because a content management system provides all the tools to manage users, to manage content to apply beautiful ready layouts to your website, blog or web applications to some point.

So now that you have decided you want to go into web publishing, you want to do blogging or video production, etc. You need a content management system to show your content to the world. In web design, if you are a web designer you sit down and you actually hand code or you program out web pages. If you are a web publisher you basically either purchase or you get an open-source content management system that does all that programming stuff for you.

So essentially what happens if you install this content management system on your web server which is very easy to do. This is not a complicated thing. Once you install it on the system you get what is called a back-end or an interface. That’s just very easy to use. If you want to add a post you click to add a post, if you want to add a page you click to add a page. If you want something to look different you click appearances or such. So instead of actually having to sit down and code out things you just work with this web interface. If you want a little blurb here, a blurb there you want to add a blog post, to the page, etc.

There are hundreds maybe thousands of different content management systems out there for a general website or web blog users. So before you pick what content management system you plan to use for your business, you should think about all the possibilities that there are.


Example of Content Management system:

CMS Platforms-

Some of the notable CMS platforms out there that you would possibly have already detected of can be WordPress is one in all of them. this can be a really powerful content management system. In terms of structure, it’s a touch bit mussy, it is not following the fashionable architectures of the online. however it’s been unbroken updated. you'll be able to say Wordpress is one in all the simplest cms package. There area unit many plugins that’s one thing vital regarding WordPress. that's you'll be able to realize plugins for essentially something. If you would like to feature social options to your journal or your web site you'll be able to realize plugins to try and do that for you. If you would like to capture leads their area unit plugins to try and do that also. And after all, there area unit plugins to create membership areas for your users.

Another powerful facet of WordPress is that it's such a lot of themes out there. If you would like to vary the planning of your web site or weblog you simply act. Do a google search you'd realize masses perhaps even tens of thousands of various themes out there. It’s, of course, free and paid. however as long because the choice is wherever you'd be able to use them.

Another advantage of WordPress is that the themed facet of it. It will modification the planning even with the smallest {amount} amount of effort and energy. And after all, WordPress is an associate degree ASCII text file platform which means you'll be able to do your own modifications. you'll be able to rent somebody to try and do the modifications for you and build it work the manner you would like it to figure.

But if you're doing associate honest job and building a Tumblr journal then basically you get the traffic. You get the social aspect of things a kind of integrated alongside your own weblog. rely on that Tumblr is utilized primarily for blogs rather than websites. If you are building an online web site you'd presumably conjointly assort with WordPress due to the freedom and since of the malleability that WordPress brings with itself.

And after all, there's a brand new variety of content management system that's not employing info. therefore WordPress, once you install it on your own server a supposed self, hosted you wish to line up info. It stores all the knowledge, all the diary posts, user data into info.

There is a brand new quite CMS (content management system) and it’s info less. therefore Stacey is one in all of them. you'll be able to simply google it. you do not get to work with this content management system that makes it terribly moveable. solely you've got to repeat it from a directory on your web site and paste it in a very totally different directory on a unique domain. therefore that’s a brand new quite CMS returning into play essentially confiscating the requirement for info. It uses text files rather than having info in situ. therefore that’s an awfully fast rationalization of what a CMS is. It’s terribly economical. Of course, if you're beginning out you higher use an evidenced content management system ideally WordPress. as a result of it's the bulk of the plugins and themes as I discussed.

Thanks for reading.

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